A home that thinks for itself, cares for you.

Vitae22 gives you a smart home that cares for your comfort and convenience. It controls your entire home expertly, blending into your schedule and helps you optimize your power consumption.

Energy savings, comfort and convenience, and a completely secure home.

Energy efficient homes with Vitae22.

Say goodbye to high energy costs. Get to know an intelligent, energy management system that lets you keep a regular track of your energy usage with the variance over previous months’. Save upto 20% energy and go green.

Entire house usage

Predict your usage

Your smart home predicts your usage of the entire day based on your usage pattern of the past. The app compares it to previous data, and lets you know whether you are saving energy, or need to cut down.

Monitor your usage, hourly and daily

Get regular updates and charts of your hourly and daily usage.

Device usage

Track the devices consuming the most power

Get regular reports on which top five devices are consuming the most power in your home.

Know the power usage of each device

Get data showing daily and hourly usage of power of each device. Know the energy consumption in your home, presented graphically for easy understanding.

Room wise usage

Know which rooms are consuming the most power in your house. Get data on the top three rooms having the most power consumption.

Let your home take care of you.

Your home uses a “closed loop feedback” to automatically adjust the device settings to your pre-defined needs and parameters. Through feedback based on two related devices, the automation senses and acts accordingly to achieve your required result. A continuous loop of feedback and adjustment frees you from recurring, mundane manual processes. It’s all automated.

“Closed loop is the holy grail of the network management industry.”

Fernanda Mendez

Head of Management Orchestration at Ericsson and Head of CENX

What It Controls.


The humidity can be controlled by the humidifier without any manual input from you. Just set the minimum you want the humidity to be kept at, and the humidifier with switch on or off by itself to maintain. No more dry and chappy skin.


The AC, fan and heater together maintain the optimal temperature for you. Set the desired range, and they work together to ensure a more comfortable living. Sleep better without the need to constantly adjust these devices to your comfort throughout the night.

Air Quality

The air purifier and dust sensor together ensure that your home is free of dust and always has fresh air. They activate and deactivate to achieve a cleaner, dust-free home for you.

Vitae22 + Amazon Alexa.

You speak, your home listens.

Vitae22 Smart Home and Amazon Echo Integration

Control your entire smart home with the sound of your voice, with the use of VUI.


Alexa quickly responds to your commands and carries them out instantaneously.

Device control

Switch any device on or off in a particular room. Control devices with a security code as well.

Stay secure

Our “Alexa Skill” also supports secure-code enabled voice commands. For commands with a security PIN code, provide the PIN code for the command to be accepted. Always stay safe!

Far-field voice recognition

Alexa can hear you from across the room and respond, even while music is playing.

Easily enabled

Vitae22 Alexa Skill is publicly available, which can easily be enabled and linked to your home.

Mode control

Switch between pre-defined modes easily. Instantly have your home ready for a movie night or to go to bed.

Echo hears you over any background noise.

Echo gives you full control over your home with just your voice. Even when you are engaged in an activity with background noise or standing far away, Echo's far-field voice recognition and seven-piece microphone array hears and recognizes your commands.

Vitae22 + Amazon Alexa integration for an efforless living.

Echo integrates with Vitae22 Smart Home, thus giving you an effortless control over your home using Voice User Interface. Wake up in the morning with dim lights, soft music, and a warm bath, using just your voice.

Vitae22 + Philips Hue.

Light up your home your personalized way.

Philips Hue Bridge

Hue Smart Bulbs

Hue Lightstrip

Hue Go Light

Hue Ceiling Light

Vitae22 Smart Home and Philips Hue Integration

Control the lighting of your smart home using the Vitae 22 app.

Easy integration

Alexa and Google Home support and integration.

Zigbee Compatible

Works with Zigbee devices.

Smart LED bulbs

Energy efficient bright bulbs with long life spans and easy controls.

Lighting Group Feature

Maintain groups of lights for your rooms or floors for easy, one tap control.

Custom rules and modes

Set your own custom rules for the hue bulbs, as a part of the Vitae22 system.

Energy efficient

Monitor energy consumption of hue bulbs through Vitae22 app, which the hue app does not support.

Hue white and color ambiance

Add color to any room with a single smart bulb, which offers warm to cool white light as well as 16 million colors. Use Vitae22 app for instant light control. Switch the bulbs on or off with one tap, or slide to adjust the brightness.

Hue white ambiance

Get a soft white light in your home with a fully dimmable smart light bulb with adjustable brightness. Control it via Vitae22 app. Adjust the temperature of the bulb, setting it from a cool blue to a warm yellow light as per your convenience.

A Smart Home with Smart Rules.

Smart rules allow you to control the devices as per your convenience, and let your devices work for themselves . Set rules for your devices with defined parameters (like the temperature and humidity), and relax as they automatically take care of your needs. Now, your lights switch on when its dark, the AC has the house cool when you return home, and the water geyser is ready for you in the morning.

Life is easier.

Modes make lives easier.

Modes are a collection of rules.
They can be set at a room or home level. Home level modes are called applets. Room level modes are collection of rules set for that room. You can activate them according to your convenience.

Reading Mode

Your home knows what you need when you want to relax quietly with a book.

Good Morning

Wake up to a good morning with heated bath water, soft music, and natural lighting.

Good Night

Sleep with ease as Vitae22 makes sure your home is secure and locked, and the lights are off.


A press of a button turns off all the devices, then arms the security system.


Set the entire home theatre with one click on your phone. Have great movie nights.

Returning Home

Arrive home to a well-lit house and the perfect temperature.

Automation of mundane tasks

Your convenience

Security and safety

Energy optimization

Let’s make your home smart.

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