Frequently Asked Questions

Does the system work without internet?

When you are at home, then no internet is required, as your phone and the home controller would be on the same wi-fi network. But when you are out of the home, then both the home controller and the phone will need internet access to talk to each other.

I get very weak wi-fi signal in my room, sometimes none at all, can I install the switchboard module there?

Yes, you can. Most Vitae22 devices work on Zigbee which lets any device to also act as a repeater and typically gives 3 times the range of regular Wi-Fi routers.

What happens to the current switches in the house if I install this system?

They work as they have always done. Our system works in tandem with the physical switches, so you can use either to control your devices.

How portable is the system?

It's quite easy to move Vitae22 from one home to another. All it takes is taking the home controller, switchboard module along with all other plug n’play devices.

I'd like to try out Vitae22 but don't want to do the entire house in a single go. What do I do?

For trying out, we suggest you start with the starter kit so as to see the usefulness of it and then upgrade as appropriate.

Do I need a wi-fi router at home for the system to work?

Yes, a wi-fi router is required. The home controller needs to be connected to the wi-fi router.


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